DIVTDirectorate of Industrial and Vocational Training (Department of Labour; Swaziland)
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[partial derivative][rho]/[partial derivative]t + div([rho]u) = 0; (1) a,b,c [rho] du/dt = divT + [rho]g, T = -p1+ [mu](X, t)A
[phi] ([??]v/[??]t + (v-[v.sub.m] * gradv) - divT - f = 0 (27)
divT = div([T.sub.[gamma]] + [T.sub.e] + [T.sub.D)] = 0.
Tobin's Q Tobin's Q is the market value of shares or equity of the company, plus the book value of debt divided by total assets, i.e.: Q de Tobin= (VMAO+VMAP+DIVT)/ (Ativo Total) Where: VMAO = Market value of common shares (Valor de mercado das acoes ordinarias); VMAP = Market value of preferred shares (Valor de mercado das agoes preferenciais); DIVT = Book value of debt or debt capital (Valor contabil das dividas ou capital de terceiros); Ativo Total = Total Assets.