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DIVXDigital Video Express (usage-sensitive DVD-ROM format)
DivX[not an acronym] a digital video codec created and trademarked by DivX, Inc.
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DivX HEVC, 4K and Live Streaming Demonstrations During CES 2014
With over 270 DivX Certified mobile device models on the market, including more than 50 different Android phones, DivX is making high-quality mobile video a reality for consumers everywhere," said Matt Milne, Executive Vice President and General Manager, DivX.
With DivX Plus HD technology, these Blu-ray devices will empower consumers to enjoy their personal and Internet video collections in the DivX format directly on their TVs.
Known for great performance, visual quality and interoperability on any DivX CertifiedA[R] device, DivX provides OEMs with a comprehensive digital media solution supporting the majority of high-quality Internet video on TVs or other consumer electronics devices.
Under the partnership, consumers who purchase the newly DivX Certified AQUOS LE820 TV line will be able to enjoy DivX HD 1080p videos in the DivX format using the TV's USB slot.
We created our 2005 DVD product line to empower our users to enjoy the widest variety of entertainment content possible, and support for the widely popular DivX video format, which has become the standard for high quality, highly compressed digital video, is a key element of that vision," said LG Canada's Ross Snow, Director of Sales and Marketing.
The Divx approach was especially impractical: unless, for example, prospective customers already had a satellite-dish or one of the new digital cable-TV boxes, it was unlikely that they had (or wanted to install at their own expense) a telephone jack convenient enough to their TV set to handle the uplink.
Then, after the two-day watching period ended, the DIVX encryption software would lock up the disc until you called up and bought another 48-hour viewing period (or bought the disc outright).
If you own common stock in DivX and wish to obtain additional information, please contact Joseph E.
We believe DivX 10 is an application that will help fuel HEVC content availability and generate demand for playback support to be integrated into consumer electronics devices, said Kann Jemili, senior vice president, product management, Rovi Corp.
This agreement furthers the broader strategic partnership between Sonic and LG that also spans DivX TV and RoxioNow-powered movie streaming services on LG Blu-ray Disc Players, providing a full complement of Sonic technologies for the enjoyment of paid entertainment, web programming and high- quality Internet video playback.