DIWDeutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Berlin (German institute for economic research)
DIWDeionized Water
DIWDead In the Water
DIWDefensive Information Warfare
DIWDirect Inside Wire (phone)
DIWDesigning Information for the Web
DIWDetection, Identification and Warning
DIWDiversity Inclusion and Work/life Balance
DIWDelivery Inter Working
DIWDivision of Indian Work (Minneapolis, MN)
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Statistics in this introduction are from the Deutsches Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung, or DIW (Vierteljahrliche Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnung des DIW, various years) and are somewhat more conservative than those reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt).
It seems that older people who have a low expectation of how contented they will be in future lead longer and healthier lives than those who believe their future is rosy," DIW said.
It was difficult to maintain an accurate radar track, as the boat constantly swerved, changed speed, and even went DIW, in an effort to evade.
The DIW brings dance education to underserved communities in the Washington, D.
repl; DA Stark, CA Murray, AD Nicol, DIW Hilton, GW Scott.
While the German economy grew very strongly in the last two years, this year's growth will be much lower, especially because of the crisis in the eurozone," Ferdinand Fichtner, the head of the DIW economic institute, said in a statement.
Repeat, return and same employer migrants', DIW Discussion Paper 422.
Also take Heiner Flassbeck, who once held Horn's job as head of the Business Cycles Department at DIW (1990-98) before moving to Bonn as State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance under the Keynesian-oriented finance minister Oskar Lafontaine.
The ship was DIW and broadside to the winds and seas to form lees--the rolls and winds were way out of limits.
As a core component of the Kalido Information Engine[TM] (see related release, "New Kalido Information Engine Unlocks True Business Intelligence"), Kalido DIW dramatically enhances BI initiatives across the enterprise by delivering "true intelligence" with the critical information layer needed to make better strategic decisions.
2010: Kurzarbeit: Nutzlich in der Krise, aber nun den Ausstieg vorbereiten DIW Wochenbericht 16/2010, Berlin.
The data used in this paper were extracted from the GSOEP Database provided by the DIW Berlin (http://www.