DIWEDaedalus Integrated Writing Environment
DIWEDevice-Independent Web Engineering
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DIWE shows several peaks in the area, while HSWP displays an elevated baseline.
However, DIWE presented more complicated and illogical retrieval results owing to its relatively low matching rate (Cullere et al.
As shown in Figures 4 and 5, the DIWE method has a more complex fingerprint than the HSWP method because of its variable chemical composition.
Based on two different sampling methods of GC-MS, namely, DIWE and HSWP, two different total ion chromatograms were obtained.
Diwe went away empty-handed from the 4 June stakeholder event.
This brings us back to Diwe, striving to be recognized as a 'stakeholder', to be selected as a target of the company's empowerment initiatives.
For those such as Diwe, who experience CSR as exclusion rather than empowerment, corporate benevolence serves not only to deny them the patronage extended to beneficiaries, but to dismiss their credentials for membership on account of their apparent failure to 'help themselves'.