DIWUDirectorate of Irrigation and Water Uses (Syria)
DIWUDespatch Industry Workers Union (London, England, UK; 1989-1992)
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As a district bailiff, Diwu Lun seems to have performed two basic duties: to apportion taxes and labor services and to resolve grievances.
which displays several photodynamic actions (Diwu, 1995).
John's wort for antiviral and antidepressive properties (Bourrel et al., 1993; Cohen et al., 1996; Diwu, 1995; Prince et al., 2000; Simon et al., 1984; Tyler, 1999).
LysoTracker consists of a fluorophore moiety linked to a weak base that permeates cell membranes; it concentrates in cellular compartments with low internal pH, such as lysosomes, where it fluoresces under acidic conditions (Diwu et al., 1994).
Da Dongyang Dade Nanhai zhi canben Dalang Ocean Danmaling Daoyi zhilue jiaoshi Dashi Dehua Disan'gang Diwu Dongxiyang kao Dongyang doukou Dudu'an
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