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DIXIDeep Impact Extended Investigation (NASA Deep Impact comet mission)
DIXIDocumentum Import Export Interface (software)
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Group 4 was exposed to digital intraoral radiography (Gendex GX-770, Hatfield, PA/Planmeca Dixi 2 v3, Roselle, IL) at 7 mA and 70 kVp in 29 intervals from 0 to 1.65 seconds with a 19 x 19 um pixel size sensor.
Other highlights include Carnival Dixi and Carnival Samba.
Shares of Pharmstandard, Synergy and Dixi made unexpected effort upwards.
Owners: John (senior) and John (jnr) Hiskey 4 Dixi es Air Mark Wallis I'll be missing on Wednesday as I'm going away for a few days, but it's a team effort and we've had a fantastic year - any year you win the Derby is obviously that.
Ego dixi me non intellixisse modum Praesidis Secretariatus.
Hic erat, quem dixi: Qui post me venturus est, ante me factus est: quia prior me erat.
In addition, the grinder subsidiary Taiyo Koki (Nagaoka, Japan), the jig-boring company Dixi Machines (LeLocle, Switzerland), and Mori's chuck manufacturer Tobler S.A.S.
In hospital after a long illness on 26th September 2010, aged 89 years, Stan (Dixi), beloved husband of Hilde, much loved dad of Dorothy, Derek and Erica, father in law to Eleanor and Rob, granda to Christopher, Emma, Angela, Gavin, Lee and Scott, great grandad to Amanda, Lewis, Liam and Harry.
Its name is derived from this mission's two tasked science investigations-the Deep Impact Extended Investigation (DIXI) and the Extrasolar Planet Observation and Characterization (EPOCh).
I spent some time polishing and servicing my treasured 1930 BMW Dixi that I found and restored a few years back in Bulgaria.