DJ7Director for Operational Plans & Interoperability (JCS)
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The Director of the Joint Staff (DJS) provided specific guidance to the new Director of the J7 (DJ7) to establish a "high level, single focal point for functions of force interoperability to include war planning, joint/combined doctrine, JTTP [joint tactics, techniques, and procedures], readiness, joint exercises and training, and the remedial action program." (4) Partly in response to GAO criticism, and partly because of the increased authority to do so, the DJS specified a task to the new J7: stand up a Joint Center for Lessons Learned (JCLL).
The JWFC commander and DJ7 formalized a JCLL Implementation Plan in early 1997, which split joint lessons learned program responsibilities between their two organizations, with production and analysis concentrated in the JWFC while leaving policy and oversight of the program in the Pentagon with the J7.
Rick Rowlett is Lead Joint Doctrine Integrator in the Joint Doctrine Analysis Division at the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) DJ7. Lieutenant Colonel Carl A.