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For instance, power dissipation in the M28320 12-port DJAT is kept to 250 mW with all 12 channels operational, giving it the industry's lower power dissipation per port -- roughly the same as alternative products with only one-third the density.
Samples for Mindspeed's M28320 12-port DJAT, M28326 6-port DJAT and M28324 4-port DJAT are available now, with volume production expected by the end of the second calendar quarter of 2002.
A complete reference design is also available and includes all necessary hardware (the DJAT, a 12-port framer and 12-port LIU and a processor -- all integrated onto a motherboard).
Mindspeed's DJATs will enable our customers to speed time-to-market cycles while greatly simplifying what used to be an extremely difficult analog design challenge," Halim added.
Mindspeed's DJATs are the only complete solutions available for digitally performing these key de-synchronization and clock-conversion tasks that were previously difficult using alternative devices or discrete components.
Mindspeed's DJATs perform the de-mapping functions that are required in add/drop multiplexers and other telecommunications equipment, and the line-timing functions that are required in routers and other data communications equipment," said Ali Mesri, vice president of marketing for Mindspeed.
Mindspeed's DJATs smooth jitter and synchronize the signal to the T3, E3 or STS-1 clock and produce a clean, de-jittered clock and data output -- eliminating the need for expensive, poor-performing and environmentally sensitive voltage controlled quartz crystal oscillators (VCXOs) and other components.