DJC2Deployable Joint Command and Control
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In OUA, the DJC2 and small communications packages from JCSE provided that critical initial entry capability.
Within 72 hours of arrival, the DJC2 had reached initial operating capability with 56 seats providing NIPRNET, SIPRNET, CENTRIXS-JPN, Voice over Internet Protocol, and secure telephones using commercial and military satellite communications.
While the principal purpose of a DJC2 core is to provide a JTF commander with a self-sufficient command and control center, solutions were developed to provide data transport via terrestrial fiber which enabled an extension of the USFJ headquarters network domain.
The DJC2 core, while initially envisioned as an asset to expand headquarters capacity, rapidly became the cornerstone for Joint Support Force's COOP planning.
In addition to small communications packages initially deployed in support of the operation, JCSE deployed the DJC2 package, which provided the primary means of communications for the entire JTF Haiti staff.
Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), and utilizing their DJC2 system, 2nd Fleet successfully certified as a ready JTF Capable HQ in September 2007 during the SOUTHCOM-sponsored multinational exercise, Fuerzas Aliadas/PANAMAX.
Following certification, 2nd Fleet partnered with the DJC2 Joint Program Office to develop and demonstrate a modular version of the DJC2 system and its joint C2 capabilities for use on a maritime platform of the commander's choosing.
Once completed, the modularized DJC2 maritime variant, the 2nd Fleet Demonstrator, was to be tested during JTFEX 08-4 aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5).
Due to limited funding and the proof of concept approach to the 2nd Fleet Demonstrator build, the full complement of six staff modules, a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) module, a command module, and standalone power to mirror a standardized 60-seat DJC2 system, were not built.
With DJC2, we will have a scalable headquarters capability, with the latest standardized battlespace management tools, available and ready in each regional combatant command.
America's command and control advantage is a combination of incredible tools, such as DJC2, and the people who expertly employ them.
Although it was obtained for the first time by the CCP specifically in support of RIMPAC, it will be a core capability of the follow-on DJC2 system.