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DJEDavid James Elliott (actor)
DJEDr. Jens Ehrhardt Kapital (German: Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Capital; Pullach, Germany)
DJEDen Journalistiske Efteruddannelse (Danish: Center for Journalistic Skills; Denmark)
DJEDerien Jérome (French media firm)
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In Mali they have a saying: 'Anke dje anke be,' which means 'Everyone gather together in peace.
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A hermit (Pwo: eing hsai) named Th'Soeng Ne Dje, a culture hero and a prophet, who was the founder of the Lu Baung, made these predictions in his teachings.
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The name djembe comes directly from the saying "Anke dje, anke be," which literally translates to "everyone gather together' and defines the drum's purpose.
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AKPO SO DJE played through the pain barrier to snatch a dramatic winner for the Owls.
In the Buffalo wangga, dje rhymes with mele, and dja da rhymes with raga.