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DJFDJ (Disk Jockey) Forums
DJFDjibouti Franc (ISO currency code)
DJFDecember January February
DJFDetroit Jazz Festival
DJFDrunk Jays Fans (Blue Jays fansite)
DJFDivorced Jewish Female
DJFDesbois Jean-François (French logistics company)
DJFDorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence (teaching)
DJFDesign Justification Files (European Space Agency)
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Caption: Figura 5--Anomalia da precipitacao media no Brasil nos trimestres de JJA (linha superior) e DJF (linha inferior) sob ODP- (1948 a 1976--coluna da esquerda), ODP+ (1977 a 1998--coluna do meio) e ODP (1999 a 2011--coluna da direita).
Time series (1950-1996) of mean monthly SATs were obtained from the Meteorological Service of Canada (Atmospheric Environment Service 1994b) for 141 stations in the study area for December, January and February (hereafter referred to as DJF or winter).
4 extremes (Table 1), mean precipitation differences during DJF are high over southwestern Ohio near Cincinnati (Fig.
THE second Red Eye Promotions evening of posterior kicking live music was another soar away success, despite a last minute and unavoidable cancellation from planned headliners DJF.
This research was supported by a collaborative grant to DAR and DJF from the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
A primeira componente principal e dominada pelas variaveis JJA e Total, enquanto que a segunda componente e dominada pelas outras duas variaveis: DET e DJF.
Dent CE, Round JM, Rowe DJF, Stamp TCB: Effect of chapattis and ultra-violet irradiation on nutritional rickets in an Indian immigrant.