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WEST INDIES (from): CH Gayle (capt), DS Smith, S Chanderpaul, MN Samuels, RS Morton, DJ Bravo, DR Smith, DJG Sammy, D Ramdin (wkt), DB Powell, R Rampaul, FH Edwards, LMP Simmons, A Richards jnr.
FTAs between asymmetric countries are sustainable above the line EIF, CUs above the line DJG, and free trade sustainable above AKH.
She also showed Angela how to use a matte styling gel, such as DJG Style Texturising Cream (pounds 5, from Marks & Spencer), to give her hair shape and hold without it looking slick and dated.
West Indies (from): BC Lara (capt), CH Gayle, S Chanderpaul, RL Powell, RR Sarwan, DR Smith, DJJ Bravo, RD Jacobs (wkt), IDR Bradshaw, R Rampaul, JJC Lawson, DJG Sammy, DS Smith, TL Best, CS Baugh.
A spokesperson for DJG insisted the title had been profitable and the move was made because of coverage concerns.
Tate KR, Giltrap DJG, Claydon JJ, Newsome PF, Atkinson IAE, Taylor MD, Lee R (1997) Carbon stocks in New Zealand terrestrial ecosystems.
Each company can continue to market its full product line without competing against another DJG company.
WEST INDIES: CH Gayle, J Charles+, DM Bravo, MN Samuels, RR Sarwan, DJ Bravo*, KA Pollard, DJG Sammy, SP Narine, KAJ Roach, R Rampaul ( ANI )
AJ Strauss IJL Trott, KP JM Bairstow, MJ Broad, GP Swann, G Onions, TT DJG Sammy Barath, KOA Powell, Chanderpaul, MN D Ramdin KAJ Roach, FH N Deonarine.
West Indies (from): CH Gayle (captain), ADS Fletcher, RR Sarwan, S Chanderpaul, DJ Bravo, N Deonarine, D Ramdin (wkt), DJG Sammy, KA Pollard, NO Miller, R Rampaul, KAJ Roach, JE Taylor, WW Hinds.