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DJIADow Jones Industrial Average
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However, DJIA and NASDAQ appear to have greatest C.
To minimize this error, and its corresponding minimum mean error, the optimal number of harmonics for the adjustment of the DJIA (t) / GF (t) time series within the MATLAB simulation is found to be N = 55, E = 1.
10) Analyzing the collected data in greater detail we can notice that the DJIA index did not appear in any model, the S&P500 index turned up only in the total picture of WIG20.
Table 2 shows the correlation matrix for the eight currencies along with the DJIA and the S&P500 for the last 6 years of monthly data.
In that spirit, note this excerpt from the Diamonds prospectus: "The Sponsor's aim in designing Diamonds was to provide investors with a security whose initial market value would approximate one-hundredth (1/100th) the value of the DJIA.
Eastman Kodak, hampered by its slow response to digital imaging, had been part of the DJIA since 1930, and held the third-longest tenure of current components, after General Electric and General Motors.
Suggesting the stewards of the DJIA have drifted from the original objective, a number of detractors have begun creating auxiliary indices to weight the gauge in one direction or another.
However, a firm is chosen for inclusion in an Average based on widely available public information, and the purpose of the Dow Averages is to mirror the general condition of the economy, DJIA, and the transportation industry, DJTA.
Contrarily, over the multi-year bull market from October 2002 to October 2007, the DJIA almost doubled in value (up 94.