DJIMDalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management (Canada)
DJIMDow Jones Islamic Market
DJIMDeutsche Jugend Islandpferde Meisterschaft (German: German Youth Championship Iceland Horses)
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In another study DJIM was examined with the Wilshire 500 Index and the three month Treasury bill for the period 1999-2002 using co-integration and the casualty analysis.
The DJIM Kuwait Index was only topped by the DJIM China Offshore Index, which jumped 10.
Shares of Kuwait National Airways have been added to the DJIM GCC Index, which covers Shari'ah-compliant stocks from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Finally, Hakim and Rashidian (2004a) analyzed the relationship between the DJIM, the Wilshire5000 and the 3-months Treasury Bills between 1999 and 2002 and found evidence that the DJIM had a unique risk--return profile that was not affected by stocks that did not comply with Shariah principles.
With more than 100 indexes the DJIM series includes regional, country, and industry indexes.
The top-performing country index was the DJIM South Korea Index with a rise of 16.
Western Islamic markets had one of their better months of late: the DJIM US Titans 50 Index closed at 2,147.
This project has as main targets : people and communities living around protected MPEM and DJIM and MBAM and Djerem areas , indigenous minority peoples ( .
Against a tide of falling prices around the world, within the Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes (DJIM) family, the DJIM Pakistan Index posted the largest of the few advances in September, gaining 3.
The DJIM India Index is weighted by float-adjusted market capitalization and component weights are capped at 10%.
The second Islamic ETF was launched in January 2008 by ValueCap Berhad, an investment vehicle of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance, off the DJIM Malaysia Titans 25 Index and is listed on the Bursa Malaysia.
08 per cent for the DJIM Financials Index compared very favourably with the 9.