DJJDepartment of Juvenile Justice
DJJDivision of Juvenile Justice
DJJDavid J. Joseph Company
DJJDeutsche Justiz-Jugend (German: German Youth Justice)
DJJDuodenojejunal Junction (anatomy)
DJJDe Jonge Journalist (Dutch: The Young Journalist; online newspaper; Netherlands)
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Reductions in out-of-home placement also link to the SB 200 policies that require graduated responses for youths on probation and prohibit DJJ custody options for most youths committing misdemeanor offenses and Class D felonies with limited prior history.
pCloud will allow DJJ to easily and rapidly implement a data center-based communication platform for its national base of customers.
And what happens is DJJ has to release the child to a 'responsible adult.
The project included basic three-day MI training for DJJ employees, as well as more advanced two-day trainings approximately six months later.
The DJJ School System complies with all state and federal IDEA standards for special education programming (DJJ, 2008) and all school sites are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
The back and forth emails provide proof that [Nucor] was in full support of JBA's work in relation to DJJ chargeback," Knight wrote.
For example, the apparent DJJ may lie to the left of the midline but lower than 1 vertebral body height; the DJJ may be in the midline (Figure 8A); or contrast may fill jejunal loops that are not clearly to the left of the midline.
28) In FY 2004, 84 newly committed juveniles were placed in DJJ's mandatory sex offender treatment program, with roughly two-thirds of them expected to remain with DJJ for a period greater than 24 months.
Then, after they are sentenced, a judge can decide to put them in the custody of the DJJ and send them to a correctional center to serve their time.
The couple's silver coloured car, registration number NTO3 DJJ, is still missing.
West Indies (from): BC Lara (capt), CH Gayle, DS Smith, RR Sarwan, S Chanderpaul, DJJ Bravo, RD Jacobs (wkt), OAC Banks, PT Collins, TL Best, JJC Lawson, DR Smith, FH Edwards, CD Collymore.
WEST INDIES (from): BC Lara (captain), CS Baugh (wicketkeeper), TL Best, IDR Bradshaw, DJJ Bravo, S Chanderpaul, JJC Lawson, CH Gayle, RD Jacobs (wicketkeeper), RL Powell, R Rampaul, DJG Sammy, RR Sarwan, DS Smith, DR Smith.