DJJSDivya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan (Hindi: Divine Light Awakening Mission; India)
DJJSDivision for Juvenile Justice Services (New Hampshire)
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In an effort to create an assessment instrument that is consistent with a strength-based framework, the producers of the DJJS risk and needs assessment drew heavily from the previous work of treatment program consultant Dr.
The most unique and important aspect of the DJJS risk and needs assessment and the AOI, is the deliberate inclusion of a careful assessment of most of the known protective factors possessed by resilient, high-risk youths.
The DJJS risk and needs assessment was initially piloted in two of the agency's 12 field offices from May until September 2003: one office was in a rural setting while the other was in a relatively more urban setting.
The DJJS risk and needs assessment also documents the crime severity of each youth, as well as the current frequency of serious target behaviors, including risky status offenses, self-harm behaviors, serious threats, assaultive behavior and drug or alcohol use.
Shrugging off doubts about the continuation of the monthly congregation, the DJJS management said that the event will continue in the future as well.
The DJJS, however, did not allow the media to cover the event.
DJJS also runs an Ayurvedic pharmacy under the name and style of SAM.
DJJS is helping the teachers, students and parents by providing them with reading and other support services; those who provide the aid are referred to as "friends.
This centralized on-site support center will help DJJS reallocate more resources to the children and their families.
This project has been a catalyst for helping DJJS collaborate with other city agencies and collateral support services.
DJJS had requested the court to grant a 30- day period to file an appeal before the bench," Swami Vishalanand said.
The administration has already issued instructions to DJJS management about the followers.