DJNRDow Jones News Retrieval
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By comparison, DJNR includes this information, stories cut from The Wall Street Journal, and a vast multitude of additional information as well.
Initial funding of access to DJNR at both institutiOnS was obtained through acceptance of undergraduate teaching-improvement grant requests.
A potential problem lies in that giving students unrestricted access to DJNR would also give them unrestricted access to a telephone line.
A modem dedicated to the local DJNR telephone number was installed in both computers.
In addition, a subset of the template has been developed that does not require DJNR access: users can manually input data found in The Wall Street Journal or similar sources.
The author has taught an average of 100 students during each semester that DJNR has been available.
Empty explanations represent days for which either no articles were found in the DJNRS or that the articles that were found did not state a specific explanation.
Table 1 Distribution of calendar event days I search the DJNRS for articles concerning the peace process in the Middle East in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times during 1993-1997.
Data are obtained from the DJNRS database, the CRSP and Compustat files, and the US Department of Commerce.
7) Our DJNRS search keywords are: "expects earnings," "expects net," "expects income," "expects losses," "expects profits," "expects results," and three similar lists with first words "forecasts," "predicts," and "sees.
The initial sample of news reports for the sample period was obtained by recovering all DJNRS news reports containing the words "joint venture" and the word "Japan".
A dozen of the joint ventures were located in the third countries and 23 of the DJNRS reports indicate no clear location for the joint venture.