DJPDruck Journalismus Papier (German: Print Journalism Paper; trade union; Austria)
DJPDigital Jet Printer
DJPDesk Jet Printer
DJPDirektorat Jenderal Pajak (Indonesian: Directorate General of Taxes)
DJPDJ Premier
DJPDanielou Jean-Paul (French kitchen furniture firm)
DJPDepartment of Justice and Police
DJPDoctor of Jurisprudence
DJPD'Jungle People Sdn Bhd
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3 million on Instagram) through his DJP Collection, each pair priced between P370 and P460.
All the pieces in the DJP Collection use nylon and polycarbonate materials, making them lightweight, hypo-allergenic, and impact-resistant.
2014, Juli) Transformasi Kelembagaan: Mewujudkan DJP sebagai Lembaga Administrasi Perpajakan Yang Terpercaya.
David Richards, also known as DJP, was one of Wales' leading athletes and had won the novice and youths titles in 1952 and the junior and seven miles titles in 1954.
The DJP has empanelled 51 public and private sector banks for the online payment.
Even with the 43 held by JP's ULD, the DJP alliance controls only 121 seats.
Barker DJP, Gluckman PD, Godfrey KM, Harding JE, Owens JA, Robinson JS.
Barker DJP, Martyn CN and C Osmond Growth in uterus and serum cholesterol concentrations in adult life.
DJP commended one of his student teachers toward the end of her student teaching because she seemed "much more relaxed, confident, and personable now than she was when the semester started" (03-26-06).
Barker DJP, Osmond C, Winter PDW, Margetts B, Simmonds.