DJTDonald John Trump
DJTDose Journalière Tolérable (French: Tolerable Daily Intake)
DJTDow Jones Transportation
DJTDynamic Jet Travel (various locations)
DJTDon Juan Triumphant (play supposedly written by the Phantom of the Opera)
DJTDill, Joyce & Thresher (insurance agents; Connecticut)
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Although some interference are potentially retained in DJT CoMP, compared with DCS muting method, UEs' SINRs can still be improved due to the enhanced signal strength caused by spatial diversity gain.
Summarily, both DCS and DJT methods intend to strengthen signal and mitigate intercell interference by mean of UEs CoMP sets.
In this paper, we propose two search methods with lower computation complexity for DCS and DJT schemes, respectively.
The hotelis signature restaurant, DJT will open in May and will showcase the culinary talents of Joe Isidori.
Noa SH, Zegarra RJ, Zavala PA, Montenegro DJT (1991) La diversificacion de la agroindustria de la cana de azucar.
While discretion throws the cloak of silence over those directly involved (even DJT himself is reticent), we can approximate pretty fairly what happened there.
Lors de son intervention au cours d'une journee d'information qui se tient actuellement a Gammarth sur les applications mobiles TRE et DJT, le syndicaliste a qualifie cette demarche d'importante pour la realisation des aspirations de la population dans sa quete de securite, de stabilite, de justice sociale et de developpement des competences.
DJs and collaborators DJT and The JFMC have backed the ECHO'S Liverpool Unites campaign as they arrange summer music schools to keep young people occupied and off the streets.
DJT said: "Liverpool Unites has brought people together and made the community sit up and take notice of the problems on our streets.
4 percent leased to a variety of retail and office tenants, including Acento Jewelry, David Chase, Haberdashery, DJT Fine Art, Eye of the Needle, Christies Real Estate, Washington Growth Strategies, Cashmere Beach and Cruciani.
On After Dark's opening night 'The Reality DJs' will play alongside Ben Smokin' Jones, DJT, DJ Winnie, Dave Bolton, Ste Cocky and many more, plus JFMC, who will play host.