DK1Disbursing Clerk First Class (Naval Rating)
DK1Electricity Grid Price Area for West Denmark (Aarhus on Nordpool)
DK1Die Kelders Cave 1 (South Africa)
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In the same study, another condition, also using Oculus Rift DK1, produced even worse simulator sickness symptoms: all participants reported some degree of nausea, with seven experiencing moderate levels and five high levels.
Table 1: Properties of sediment from different sites along the Kiti River in the Dridji area in the Republic of Benin Clay Fine silt Large silt Area (<8 [micro]m) (8-32 [micro]m) (32-64 [micro]m) DK1 * 4.
Medium DK1,1 (2,4-D 1 mg/L + Kin 1 mg/L) and DK2,2 (2,4-D 2 mg/L + Kin 2 mg/L) were unable to induce the synthesis of Quercetin in callus cultures of leaf tissue whereas Quercetin production (0.
PA66 and DK1 were dried in vacuo for at least 12 h.
The first row of the E includes CS1 (SW) Raymond Bryant, CS1 (SW) James Engram, SK1 (SW/AW) Elizabeth Vanderpool, DK1 Phon Truong, SK1 (SW) Donald Price, and SH1 (SW) Paul Davis.
Pictured in the front row, bottom of the "E" formation, from left are LCDR Buell, Supply Officer; CSC (SW) Deadwiley, Leading Culinary Specialist; CSC (SW) Esclito, Departmental LCPO; LTJG Albright, Food Service Officer; SK1 (SW) Alba, Leading Storekeeper; DK3 Williams; and DK1 (SW) Corcoran, Leading DK.
Wendell Stephens DK1 USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)