DK2Electricity Grid Price Area for East Denmark (Copenhagen on Nordpool)
DK2Disbursing Clerk Second Class (Naval Rating)
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A multi disc friction brake and a minimum 10:1 rope to drum ratio, are a testament to DK2 reliability standards.
SMI's eye tracking upgrade for the Oculus Rift DK2 is the only high-performance eye tracking solution available and proven for VR applications.
At the same time RTZME will explore three new base metal prospects in East and West Greenland, with Platinova being carried through the first DK2.
Taking its cues from science fiction books and movies, The Teleporter features the Oculus Rift DK2 virtual reality headset, wireless headphones and suite of onboard 4-D sensory elements.
A PET compatible nanocomposite made of two organoclays, namely nanoline DK2 and Cloisite 15A was synthesized by melt mixing in a same-directional parallel two-screw extruder.
2 - AVV 170504 about 4 000 tonnes;LAGA floor 1997 Z2 - AVV 170504 about 8300 t;LAGA ground in 1997 but Z2 hydrocarbons - AVA 170504 100 t;LAGA floor 1997> Z2 DK2 - AVV 170503 about 1 000 tonnes;LAGA rubble 1997 Z2 - AVV 170107 about 4 130 t;Concrete / brick / tiles / ceramic AVV 170103 330 tons;Bitumen mixture containing tar fraction AVV 170302 Material 200 t;Bitumen mixture containing tar AVV 170302 milled material about 50 t;Waiting time for loading 50h
LCPO; LTJG Florendo, Food Service Officer; LTJG Richardson, Sales/ Disbursing Officer; SN Radosavljevic; FCSN Myers; SH2 Sims; SK3 Mercado; TM3 Henriquez; SK2(SW) Derrick; SKSA Bulmer; ET3 Draper; CSSN Bailey; SK2(SW) Fajardo; SK1(SW) Phommavongsa; CS1(SW) Baltazar; SK3 Wardlow; CS 1 Basco; SKC(SW) Gadon; SK1(SW) Williams; CS3 Cranford; SH3(SW)Gilbert; SN Vanderford; SKSN Cannel; SK1(SW) Boelter; SK3 Laxamana; CS2 Benedicto; CTT3 Bratter; OSSN Brzezinski; SHSN(SW) Tuitavake; CS3 Pless; SK2 Gutierrez; CS2(SW) Taylor; CS2 Conley; CS3 Stroud; CS3 White; CSSN Kim; DK2 Hernandez; and GSM3 Naidu.
The left side of "E," top to bottom, includes SN Colvin, FN Molina, FN Brooks, SKSA Phelps, CSSR Ray, SHSN Thompson, CS3 Arniotis, SK3 Gardner, SK3 Jeffords, DK2 Murrell, SH2 Fortune, CS2 Barnes, SK2 Hunt, SK2 Filthaut, and LT Walls (Supply Officer).
DK2 Shawn Felides from Personnel Support Detachment, Willow Grove, Pa.