DK3Donkey Kong 3 (gaming)
DK3Denison/Kimball Trio (band)
DK3Disbursing Clerk Third Class (Naval Rating)
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Pictured in the front row, bottom of the "E" formation, from left are LCDR Buell, Supply Officer; CSC (SW) Deadwiley, Leading Culinary Specialist; CSC (SW) Esclito, Departmental LCPO; LTJG Albright, Food Service Officer; SK1 (SW) Alba, Leading Storekeeper; DK3 Williams; and DK1 (SW) Corcoran, Leading DK.
LTJG Nauta, LTJG Stevens, MSC(SW/AW) Misola, SH1 (SW/AW) Ebalo, SK2(SW) Reyes, MSSN Fernandez, SK3 Smith, SK3 Aling, SK3(SW/AW) Blas, SK3(AW) Aglibot, SKSN Freeman, SK2(AW) Villarreal, PC3 Nass, DK3 Doucet, SK2 Williams, SK2 Kalaw, PC1 (SW/AW) Torres, PC3(SW) Griffith and SK2(SW) Briggs.
The middle row, from right, includes SR Williams; SHSA Avelarolmos; DK1 (SW) Vigg, S-4 Leading Petty Officer; and DK3 Rivas; Top row, from right, includes MS3 Weimer; MS2 (SW) Majewski; MSSR Shimkus; SHSN Vivona; and SH1 (SW) Rivers, S-3 LPO.