DKCSSenior Chief Disbursing Clerk (Naval Rating)
DKCSDon't Know/Can't Say (Market Research questionnaire)
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According to DKCS (SW) Cabrera, an ATM FISC San Diego Representative, "The Boxer was the best compared to the last 35 ships that have received this install, with a record breaking 98 percent enrollment (1, 127) and 100 percent functional training participation.
NAVSUP's point of contact is DKCS (SW/AW) Rey Mayo, NAVSUP 56A, commercial 717 605-6941 or e-mail at renato.
Pictured, from left, are CDR Hayes, SKC Grandelis, CW02 Imperial, PCC Hendley, SKCM Medalla, MSCM Mcilwain, LTJG Norton, ENS Fuchs, Supply Officer CDR Dave Pry, Commanding Officer CAPT Earle Yerger, LTJG McGowan, LT Morris, CW02 Winn, LTJG Ochoa, SKC Adams, DKCS S'ue, SHC Chapedlaine, and, in back, LT Barlow.