DKDDiabetic Kidney Disease
DKDDelphi Kylix Development
DKDDeutsche Klinik für Diagnostik (Wiesbaden, Germany)
DKDDeutschen Kalibrierdienst (German calibration service)
DKDDynamic Kill Drilling (petroleum engineering)
DKDDelta Kappa Delta (sorority)
DKDCash Drawer Kick-Out Driver
DKDDavid Kidd's Domain (Queensland, Australia website)
DKDDistributed Knowledge Delivery
DKDDecimating Kids Daily (gaming clan)
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Therefore, e-GFR estimated by serum cystatin C based CKD-EPI formula is a better option for assessing the renal status in patients of early DKD.
A 52-month follow-up to 69 pure DKD patients (lack of Class I) performed by Okada et al .
The economic cost of DKD will grow to enormous amounts, and strategies to prevent its onset or progression are urgently awaited.
However, neither an ACE inhibitor nor an ARB is recommended for the primary prevention of DKD in patients who have normal BP, normal urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio (<30 mg/g), and normal eGFR.
Several recent studies have suggested that oxidative stress is involved in the procession and development of kidney injury, including DKD [2, 4-6].
Vally Wieselthier, "Zu meinen keramischen Arbeiten" (On My Ceramic Works) DKD 50 (1922), 237.
For tax years 2003-2005, DKD reported total income of approximately $198,000, $235,000, and $214,000, respectively.
The stolen vehicle is a dark-blue 2007 Hyundai Elantra with an Oregon license plate that reads 922 DKD.
They then ceased running the cattery expenses through DKD and took no deductions for expenses incurred through August on the entity's 2006 tax return.
Wambier DS, Pinto MHB, Kloth ASG, Vetorazzi ML, Ditterich RG, Oliveira DKD.
Complete traceability and reliability of measurement results of calibration standards are available from the accredited DKD calibration laboratory of Hellma.