DKETDeployable KU-Band Earth Terminal
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Using the WGS, the DKET SATCOM terminal delivers information securely and instantly, while avoiding the cost of commercial satellite airtime.
Integrated by Rockwell Collins in Australia, the DKET Earth Terminal enables the transmission of high-bandwidth data, such as voice, imagery and video, across long distances and rugged, remote environments.
The DataPath DKET LT is a transportable self-contained earth terminal for satellite communications via the SATCOM network.
To meet that need, a Jan 09 planning session with the 101st G6, ARCENT, 335th, 160th SC BDE, and 25th SC BN devised a design that included a USAFCENT mobile DKET in conjunction with interconnection of the Regional Hub Node (RHN) in Kuwait for a mesh architecture.
Since the JNN and CPN in TDMA mode with the RHN allowed traffic to go from base camp to GIG, it reduced the load on the strategic DKETs in Afghanistan and showed a significant decrease in delay to the user when accessing the Internet.
Network planners allowed for a 90 to 120 day overlap before bridging solely into the Marine DKET network.
Direct connectivity via a Strategic Tactical Entry Point site or commercial equivalents, DKET, gave us much better quality of service.
Given the mobility of the brigade and the changing mission sets placing a MRT in Camp Doha, KU, connected to a DKETS would provide SIPRNET on demand to TTs as well as a control/management location external of the brigade.