DKFDyskusyjny Klub Filmowy (Polish)
DKFDansk Kano og Kajak Forbund
DKFDansk Kyudo Forbund (Danish: Danish Kyudo Federation)
DKFDokumentation Kraftfahrwesen (German: motor vehicle design database)
DKFDet Kooperative Faellesforbund (Co-operative Union of Denmark)
DKFDumb Kids Forever (forum)
DKFDifferential Kalman Filter
DKFDiabetic Kidney Failure
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In accordance with the relations (80)-(83), (99), and (100), the following linear system to construct the RHOUFIR filter and the DKF is used:
This test is performed with 1000 nodes distributed randomly, with a low speed of 10 m/s, to have the opportunity to compare our algorithm with CHEW and DKF DC algorithms that support only low speeds.
En las Figuras 3 y 4, se muestra el comportamiento de los voltajes del estator en eje directo y en cuadratura del DFIG, respectivamente, ante variaciones de las senales de control y cuenta ademas con la variacion aleatoria del viento; se muestra la senal de salida y la senal respectiva estimada aplicando la metodologia que se basa en el DKF. Se nota que la correspondencia entre estas dos senales es muy similar, por lo tanto se puede notar que el algoritmo de identificacion de sistemas realiza de manera adecuada la tarea de estimacion.
Before presenting the KCF algorithm, we first need to discuss a more primitive DKF algorithm called local Kalman filter (LKF) which forms the basis of the KCF.
In these cases the pathology is from inadequate DKF. I have also found a correlation between low DKF and patellofemoral pain, presumably due to forced pronation, thus patellofemoral malalignment, as the advancing tibia in plie plantar flexes the talus, pronating the foot.
Denmark's DKF, Finland's KOK, and Austria's osterreichische Volkspartei (oVP) would accept a reference to "fundamental values" but without integration in the Charter, recommending instead EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights, thereby entrusting the safeguarding of fundamental rights to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg rather than the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.
DKB, with total consolidated assets of $489.9 billion, is the fourth largest bank in Japan.(5) In the United States, DKB owns DKB California, and a controlling interest in DKF Trust Co.
(3)Waldemar Wilk, Tadeusz Konwicki (Wroclaw: DKF Politechnika, 1986), 10.
The DKF Project has provided additional storage capacity of 50,000 MT away from the congested and hazardous area of Keamari.
The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd., DKF Trust Company (USA),
[2.] Franssen EJF, Jansen RW, Vaalburg M, Meijer DKF. Hepatic and intrahepatic targeting of an antiinflammatory agent with human serum albumin and neoglycoproteins as carrier molecules.