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DKGDeutsche Kakteen-Gesellschaft (est. 1982; German: German Cacti Society)
DKGDeutsche Keramische Gesellschaft (German: German Ceramic Society; Köln, Germany)
DKGDelta Kappa Gamma Society International
DKGDub's Kruisers Gang (Belgian car club)
DKGDeutsche Krankenhaus Gesellschaft (German: German Hospital Association; Berlin, Germany)
DKGDeutsche Killifisch Gemeinschaft (German: German Killifische Community; est. 1969; Germany)
DKGDirect Kick Goal (soccer)
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Through the DKG brand, WireMasters will be able to successfully increase stocking options and cut lead times significantly to Europe and surrounding areas.
DKG: It really is huge for me because I learned to love history through learning to love baseball.
DKG: What's important, again, is to educate the country about the importance of protecting liberty even in times of crisis.
Because our previous study suggested that [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] was an important factor in the formation of molecules-136 and -208, we hypothesized that in the presence of [H.sub.2][O.sub.2], a peroxidative pathway of AA leading to formation of molecules-136 and -208 competes with its classic degradation to DKG. The first objective of the present study, therefore, was to assess the role of [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] in the generation of these molecules.
Designed for moist air-conditioning and process cooling applications, Searle Manufacturing Co's new flatbed and V-bank dry air liquid cooler ranges - the DKG and DVG, have been developed to cater for a wide range of control options.
The Gamma Gamma Chapter of DKG International offers recruitment grant monies available to high school senior women who intend to prepare for a career in the field of education.
DKG 157: (Sameer 48, Kamran 25; Maqsood 4 wkts) beat Saco 85: (Sameer 3, Hamad 2 wkts ) by 72 runs.
Dupleks offers a variety of hightech slugs for the 12, 16 and 20 gauges available from the US distributor, DKG Trading.
DKG's High-Tech riflescope series includes the 24X44mm and 36X44mm target scopes, 2.5-10X42mm and 3-9X42mm hunting scopes, and the 4-16X44mm and 8-32X44mm varmint scopes.
Super-bright Rhian, from Bryncethin, Bridgend, studied at the London School of Economics and America's Harvard University before signing to American record label DKG.
(6, 7) demonstrated that other derivatives of vitamin C, such as 2,3-diketogulonic acid (DKG), could be detected when DHA was incubated with [H.sub.2][O.sub.2].