DKJDaniel K. Johansson (photography; Sweden)
DKJDewan Kesenian Jakarta (Indonesia)
DKJDonkey Kong Junior (gaming)
DKJDe Kleine Johannes (Dutch: The Little John; Leuven, Belgium)
DKJDonkey Kong Jungle (video game website)
DKJDa Killaz Johnson (hip-hop)
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Additionally, the scheme was not a recent one; in 2010, they allegedly set up a shell company, DKJ Consulting, in the name of Shortridge's wife and opened a bank account with her as the sole authorized signatory on the account.
Valarcher J-F, Leforban Y, Rweyemamu M, Roeder PL, Gerbier G, Mackay DKJ, et al.
Police also want to hear from anyone who saw the Mazda, with the registration number L858 DKJ, being abandoned and torched in Hookergate Lane, Greenside, Gateshead, at 4.
Further inquiries are underway to trace the owners of the car, which had the registration number L858 DKJ and was found burned out in Hookergate Lane, Greenside, Gateshead at 4.
Police have taken the burned out car, a Mazda 323, which had the registration number L858 DKJ, to a police station for forensic experts to examine.
ballast walls slaps etc and scour Nang by providing appropriate wire crates with heavy boulders around the pters and abutments ol Br No 131 (4x12 20m) Girder Bridge at Km 94(9-10 between PGP MUGR sins SWII SC Division - DKJ MUGR section Repairs to scour by providing appropriate wire crates with heavy boulders around the piers and abutments ot Bridge No 94 (11x18 30M) Girder Bridge at Km 71(14-720 including repairs lo toe wall, pitching ballasl walls steps etc .
145,152 4 155on DKJ MUON section under Sr DEN/ SoutrVSC section
Alliance Innovations, comprising local companies Norbuilt Pty Ltd, DKJ Projects Architecture, QS Services and Michels Warren Munday, and BB Capital Partners.