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As required by IAA s 9(1), DKN produced to the Federal Court a duly certified copy of the charter party together with a duly certified copy of each of the awards.
Each month, we calculated the loads (g.[day.sup.-1]) of TKN, DKN, IN, TP, DP, P-P[O.sub.4], and SPM of the supply and effluent water.
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) was determined in unfiltered water runoff samples and dissolved Kjeldahl nitrogen (DKN) was determined in filtered (45 gm) runoff by methods similar to those for soils, except a block digestion was used for water.
HAVERHILL, MA -- DKN Research ( and NY Industries have developed an embedded passive technology built on thin multilayer thick film flexible substrates.
Introduced by DKN Research and NY Industry, the process promises high-resolution capabilities through low cost, automated screening processes using conductive nanopastes.
"We're going to be facilitating a number of PSAs on DKN (syndie package DIC Kids Network), and we're going to be incorporating some of the center's safety messages into future scripts for our shows."
The research work of LC and DKN was supported by the Comite para el Desarrollo de la Investigacion, Universidad de Antioquia research grant no.
Immediately after the formation of the cabinet, there was news of the formation of three councils the National Economic Council (DEN), the National Security Council (DKN) and the National Social Welfare Council (DSN).
The items donated by local construction businesses have been 12 hawks and trowels - Swallow Hill Homes, 12 hawks and trowels - Telling (Finishings) Ltd (hand hawks) and Protrade (plastering trowels), 12 shovels - Drury Joinery and Jewson, 8 packs of paint brushes (1inch, 2inch, 3inch) - Art Decorators, PS1000 donation to the Venture Force Foundation charity- CR Civil Engineering, Orphanage sign - Action for Construction and 50 litres of paint - DKN Decorators DISAPPOINTING NUMBER OF WINTER FINCHES.
According to DKN Research ( and Ohtsu, Japan-based NY Industries, the new thick-film circuit system uses a specially formed conductive paste on heat-resistant substrates such as polyimide and PEN.