DKNDiaspora Knowledge Network (UNESCO)
DKNDiabetes Knowledge (assessment scale)
DKNDistributed Knowledge Network (Iowa State University)
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As required by IAA s 9(1), DKN produced to the Federal Court a duly certified copy of the charter party together with a duly certified copy of each of the awards.
DKN provides engineering and consulting services to assist in the design and application process with the new advanced thick film flexible circuits, and provides free consulting to circuit designers and manufacturers that want to construct printable electronics.
The micro bump arrays make reliable connections to the flexible circuits, says DKN.
HAVERHILL, MA -- Engineering firm DKN Research and NY Industries, a circuit board manufacturer, launched a prototype and engineering service for printable electronics.
A series of advanced screen-printing processes have been developed as the basic manufacturing technology of "Printable Electronics" by DKN Research and NY Industry.
NUMAKURA is managing director of DKN Research and publisher of Electronic Packaging Technologies.
Haverhill, MA -- The interconnect engineering and research company DKN Research (www.