DKODefense Knowledge Online
DKOdouble knockout (mice)
DKODarren Kramer Organization (band)
DKODeeltijds Kunst Onderwijs (Dutch: Part-Time Art Education)
DKODon't Know Option (surveys)
DKODelta Kappa Omicron (fraternity)
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DKO: S's assertion, "It's possible that [P.sub.ind]" is true iff S doesn't know that P is false.(14) According to DKO, Paul is asserting the truth in our example.
The group was fully on the disk on the following day and looked substantial type Dko.
DKO ve SKO Spielberger ve arkadaslari (1970) tarafindan gelistirilmis (29), Turk kulturune uyarlanmasi Oner ve Le Compte (1976) tarafindan yapilmistir (30).
The existing AKO Project Office serves as the foundation for the DKO Project Office.
PACFLT is confident eKM can easily integrate into the existing Defense Knowledge Online (DKO), a service gateway offering many of the same benefits as eKM.
Robert's Vauxhall Cavalier, registration number C871 DKO, has not been found.
I am a Deployable Contracting Officer (DKO) from NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, Yokosuka, Japan.
AR1589 N14[degrees]/266[degrees] was seen near the eastern limb on Oct 10 type Dko comprising two irregular penumbral sunspots and surrounded by an extensive area of faculae.
To enroll in the course, students must first have an active Army Knowledge Online (AKO) or Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) account.
To access parts of JACKS considered sensitive, you will need a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) digital identity certificate (CAC card) or an Army Knowledge Online (AKO) or Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) account.
Also, we've been successful in buying powerful industry solutions for the department, such as the enterprise collaboration services, which we call "Button 1" and "Button 2." Both of these collaboration tools are now available via the DKO portal.