DKQData and Knowledge Quality (workshop)
DKQDiabetes Knowledge Questionnaire
DKQDan Keeton Quartet (Christian singing group; Rush, KY)
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DKQ is a validated tool for evaluating diabetes knowledge among subjects with diabetes.13 Modified DKQ was utilised which comprises 24 questions concerning patient's diabetes knowledge and their self-care practices.
Scores of DKQ were calculated for each participant.
Continuous variables were reported as means +- standard deviation (SD), and categorical variables glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) and duration of diabetes between DKQ score of >12 and <12, and chi-square test was applied to find association of different variables such as gender, rural or urban background, patient education, monthly income and family history of diabetes, between both groups.
The values of [[beta].sub.xi] and [[beta].sub.yi] are affected by corner nodes (externals) and intermediate nodes (internals) of the sides of DKQ element (see Figure 8).
It is important to observe that: (i) displacement w is not defined in the interior of the element and varies independently along of the side of the element; (ii) the Kirchhoff hypothesis is satisfied along of the boundary of the entire element ([w.sub.s] and [[beta].sub.s] are quadratic expressions along of the sides); (iii) DKQ element presents convergence for thin plate elements where shear effects are not important; (iv) DKQ element is compatible along the entire boundary.