DKRADowntown Kalamazoo Restaurant Association (Michigan)
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The protein subcellular localization prediction analysis showed that VP_STK1 had an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) signal, DKRA, and did not have a second peroxisomal targeting signal similar to CP_STK.
YDka: pitrparinitaputrah; Mra 337: parinitayah putrah; Pma 523: parinitaputrah; Dkra 47: parinitastrijataputrena saha; Vpra 487: parinitasudraputrah; Vra #1513: yadi pitur urdhvam parinitaputrah santi.
12 Nyberg writes DKRA, without listing variants, but Junker 1912, Jamaspji Asa and Haug 1870, and Salemann 1879: 559, all have the spelling given here.