DKRZDeutsches KlimaRechenZentrum
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DKRZ has a project to create and operate a national climate data base system, which is also hosted on the data server provided by NEC.
Other substantial DataDirect S2A HPC customers include: Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Sandia National Labs, NCSA, NASA Goddard, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Argonne National Laboratory, US Army Research Lab, NOAA Forecast Systems Lab, NCAR, and DKRZ Germany.
The CRAY C916 system will replace a CRAY-2 system and a CRAY Y-MP4E system currently in use at DKRZ.
DKRZ supports the computing needs of researchers throughout Germany for meteorology, climatology and oceanography and climate impact research, mainly on behalf of the German Climate Research Programme sponsored by the Ministry of Research and Technology.
Convex began pioneering and perfecting data management solutions for a number of customers, including Sandia National Laboratories, NASA Ames, Mobil Exploration and Production, and DKRZ, Germany's climate computer center for meteorological research.
One of these deliveries was to DKRZ, the German weather forecasting center.