DKSNSeaman, Disbursing Clerk Striker (Naval Rating)
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In the second row, from left, are DKSN Collins; DC2 (SW) Ryan, HAZMINCEN Supervisor; OS3 Gonzalez; SN Bergman; CS2 (SW) Basat, Jack o' the Dust; CS1 (SW) Belo, S-2 Records Keeper; and SKSN Coburn.
The third row includes, SK2 (SW) Mark Williams, SH2 (SW) Christopher Ruiz, SHSN Tsubasa Inagaki, SK3 Jaime Madrid, DKSN Alex Bragadireanu, and MS1 (SW) Rainier Capati, Food Service LPO.
The tenth row includes MSSR Gerald Moody, DKSN Matthew Smith, SHSR James Taylor, MS2 Joseph Mikulsky, and MS2 James Dallas.