DKTDriver Knowledge Test (Australia)
DKTDas Kaufmännische Talent (German)
DKTDigital Key Telephone
DKTDKT Philippines, Inc.
DKTDhankuta (Nepal)
DKTDiscrete Kirchoff Triangle
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Under the terms of the agreement, DKT will assume responsibility for introducing Levoplant into new markets, fulfilling the products orders, developing educational and promotional materials as well as servicing all customer needs.
DobleSiempreEsMejor esta dirigida a hombres, mujeres y parejas, y "buscamos que los jovenes puedan tomar conciencia sobre su salud sexual y reproductiva, a fin de que tengan acceso a la informacion y puedan vivir una sexualidad libre, divertida y con un plan de vida responsable", dijo Ana Karina de la Vega, directora del Programa DKT de Mexico.
She believes in what DKT stands for and the best thing she likes is that DKT keeps their LHVs trained and equipped for whatever is about to come their way.
DKT Pakistan's Josh is back with its "Josh on the road" making a bold impact with a fresh new, colorful campaign for the year 2015, following the brand's successful launch in 2013.
DKT Pakistan's Josh is back with its Josh on the road making a bold impact with a fresh new, colorful campaign for the year 2015, following the brand's successful launch in 2013.
The team made a few modifications to the DKT to better fit the purposes of the research project.
Finally, after it presented its horizontal MicroCiass injection-moulding machine at the IRC 2012 and K 2013, LWB-Steinl says it will present the vertical version of this machine system at DKT 2015.
Further information, including registration details and the complete technical program, for DKT 2015/IRC 2015 is available at www.
Since 1989, DKT Ethiopia has sold the country's most popular brands, usually well below market cost and heavily subsidised --UK's Department for International Development has pledged 18m [pounds sterling] ($11m) from 2011 to 2015--as part of the effort to tackle problems such as HIV and improve family planning for the country with Africa's second-largest population.
Interviews with senior management at head and field offices of DKT International, Marie Stopes International, Population Services International and ProSalud Interamericana addressed issues of coverage, barriers and facilitators to social marketing of emergency contraception.
The move comes after an advertisement on Josh condoms, marketed in Pakistan by DKT International, a US-based non-profit organisation that works to promote family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention in the developing world, was aired on television.
For the bending part, by eliminating the surplus parameters at the mid-side nodes as the procedure of the DKT element, the explicit expression of the rotations [[theta].