DKUDonkey Kong Universe (game)
DKUDeutsch-Kasachische Universität (German: Kazakh-German University; Almaty, Kazakhstan)
DKUDanmarks Kommunistiske Ungdom (Danish: Denmark Communist Youth; 1906-1990)
DKUDansk Kirke i Udlandet (Danish: Danish Church Abroad)
DKUDrop Kick Ugly
DKUDewan Kuliah Utama (Malay: Main Lecture Hall)
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In the 1970s the DKU changed from being an organisation that aspired to co-operation into one that stressed its avant-garde role and commitment to the international communist movement.
DKU manufactures kraft paper, and has an installed manufacturing capacity of 19,200 tonnes per annum (tpa) at Burdwan (West Bengal).
Superintendent Bob Rowland says DKU breaks the routine, gets kids more interested in school and extends learning time.
An opening assembly sets the tone during each DKU session.
orders the implementation of facility cleaning Severocesk doly as in Doly Blina - namely technological objects in operation Ledvice Coal Preparation Facility, Postal Code 417 72 Ledvice: HZI, HZII, HD, HT, P, TD, NZ, DO2, SS, DKU PV distributor node AP.
in Doly Blina - Ledvice Coal Preparation Facility, specifically POOH UU - RS, HZI, HZII, HD, HT, TD, NZ, DO2, SS, DKU PV AP.
The subject of the tender is the implementation of cleaning technological objects Severoceske down as in Doly BE[degrees]lina - Ledvice Coal Preparation Facility, specifically PEU UU - RS, HZI, HZII, HD, HT, TD, NZ, DO2, SS, DKU, PV, AP.