DL2Drosophila Line 2
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The raw speed and accelerometer data reported by the DL2 were first filtered using a dual-pass, 4th order Butterworth filter with a 3 Hz and 5Hz roll-off frequency respectively (Figure 3).
Indeed, for both LRS-1 and the MB-WOs, there is an unmistakable bimodal distribution to the speeds, with drift rates in L2 (DL2) concentrated around -2 and -12[degrees]/mth.
trading as Rockliffe Hall, Darlington DL2, failed to pay PS2,278.26 to three workers.
NEW 5/ABDO Area 1, The St George Hotel, Durham Tees Valley Airport, Darlington DL2 1RH.
Facts Headlam Hall, Headlam, near Gainford, Darlington, DL2 3HA Visit: www.headlamhall.co.uk or call 01325 730 238 Double rooms start at pounds 95 and go to pounds 195 for a premier suite.
SD DL2 ([degrees] /mth) Centre July 19-27 -57.3 0.29 -4 F.
PITCHER & PIANO 108 Quayside, Newcastle, NE1 3DX Rating: 17/20 What Eddy said: No scrimping on portions, and a fantastic view of the Tyne THE OLD FARMHOUSE Yarm Road, Darlington DL2 1JZ Tel: 01325 332191 Rating: 16/20 What Eddy said: Perfect main course at popular THE SHIP INN Address: Front Street, Benton NE12 8AE Tel: 0191 270 9699 Rating: 17/20 What Eddy said: No starters at this very traditional pub, but the quality of the cooking more than made up for that.
JUBILEE TROUT LAKES 01388 772611 / DL2 2UH Anglers caught on wide range of fly patterns this week.
Headlam Hall Headlam, Gainford, Darlington, DL2 3HA.
Tomorrow National Gardens Scheme, gardens open for charity, Quarry End, Walworth, Darlington, DL2 2LY, woodland garden in ancient quarry setting including 15th Century ice house plus recent addition of naturalised woodland, entry PS3.50, 1.30-5pm.