DLACDisability Law & Advocacy Center (Tennessee)
DLACDose Liminaire d'Acétylcholine (French: Liminal Dose of Acetylcholine)
DLACDistance Learning Advisory Committee (Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education)
DLACDistributed Learning and Collaboration
DLACDistance Learning Aviation Course
DLACDelay Account of ....
DLACDirect Labeling of Apoptotic Cells (biology)
DLACDienstleistungsagentur Chemie GmbH (Langelsheim, Germany)
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DLAC measure is between zero and one that shown independent or dependent parameters.
To describe the locating defect has been considered a reinforced composite shell and used frequency-sensitive with help DLAC criterion and finite element method and existence the defect by reducing the elastic modulus of sample that was created a uniform decrease in stiffness defect element.
In each column is specified the maximum amount of DLAC as bold.
The state-level VCT staff coordinate the activities of all member institutions, including communications, policy and procedure questions, maintain the VCT Web site and applications, create and distribute reports and informational newsletters, create proposals, carries out the recommendations of the TACC and DLAC, and organizes statewide meetings and retreats.
Cassee FR, Fokkens PHB, Leseman DLAC, Bloemen HJTh, Boere AJF.
Gerlofs-Nijland ME, Dormans JAMA, Bloemen HJT, Leseman DLAC, Boere AJF, Kelly FJ, et al.