DLAMDivision of Laboratory Animal Medicine
DLAMDon't Laugh At Me
DLAMDermatology & Laser Associates of Medford, LLP (Oregon)
DLAMDefense Logistics Agency Manual
DLAMDivision of Libraries, Archives and Museums (Virgin Islands)
DLAMDon't Look At Me
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As shown in Algorithm 5, the third and last phase of EAC heuristic computation consists in adding the aforementioned four matrices URAM, ULAM, DRAM, and DLAM to give rise to the 2D Adjacency Matrix (2DAM).
input: URAM, ULAM, DRAM and DLAM output: 2DAM 1 for i = 0 xxx [H.sub.x] - 1 do 2 for j = 0 xxx [H.sub.y] - 1 do 3 2DAM [left arrow] ULAM[i][j] + URAM[i][j] + DLAM[i][j] + DRAM[i][j]; 4 end for 5 end for With the amount of time available to update the EAD limited by the shortest ICAP access period of the tasks, that is, min{[t.sub.ICAP,I]}, an effective way to speed up this process is to increase the used granularity at the expenses of losing efficiency in the management of FPGA resources.
1814-83); gem-cutter: Giovanni Calandrelli (1784-1852), silver, gold, enamel, onyx, chrysoprase, dlam. 89cm.