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DLBLDiffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (diffuse large B cell lymphoma)
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Consequently, this study aimed at investigating microRNAs in DLBL, which is the most frequently occurring non-Hodgkin lymphoma using miRCURYLNATM microRNA array.
We showed that miRNA expression patterns could clearly help to distinguish between DLBL and lymph node reactive.
miR-4284 and miR-4484 were identified as novel microRNAs in patients of DLBL samples.
We inspected main targets of these miRNAs that may have a role in DLBL.
Up-regulation of miR4284 in lymphoid tissue, such as lymph node, induces TRAF4, SMAD2 and TAK1 activity and can transform normal lymphoid tissue to DLBL. (10)
The expression pattern of SMADs proteins in DLBL showed that TGF-[beta] signaling pathway is mostly operative in this type of lymphoma through these proteins.
Researchers showed that down-regulated miR-4484 in DLBL may cause suppression of AATF and PTPN14.
Gene expression array and immunohistochemical studies have shown two molecular subgroups of DLBL, GC, and ABC.
Additionally, in this study, we found a decrease in miR-143 and miR-125B-5p and an increase in miR-21 and miR-142, which were reported previously in DLBL and some cancers.