DLBPDowntown Lodi Business Partnership (Lodi, CA)
DLBPDynamic Locking Blade Plate
DLBPDiscogenic Low Back Pain
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MRI is the most commonly used method for the diagnosis of DLBP Possible MRI findings are: 1.
(8) found the occurrence rate of HIZ to be 59% in patients compared to 25% in asymptomatic volunteers, and they found no relationship between the presence of HIZ and DLBP.
Modic types 1 and 2 were found to be highly prevalent in patients with DLBP (10,11).
Many reports verified the clinical value of discography for the diagnosis of DLBP (14,15).
On this theoretical basis, therapeutic intradiscal steroids have been used in the treatment of DLBP. At the end of the study, 46.7% of the patients showed significant improvement and 54.5% of those showed better pain relief in back pain while 45.6% of those showed better pain relief in radicular pain (19).
The authors concluded that ISI did not improve the clinical outcomes in patients with DLBP compared with placebo.