DLBSDeutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung
DLBSDriving Lesson Booking Service (UK)
DLBSDynamic Load Balancing Service (computing)
DLBSDefense Lawyer Blind Spot (legal slang)
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Figure 1 schematizes the geometries of the Maillefer (MBS), Dray and Lawrence (DLBS), Barr (BBS), and Kim (KBS) screws.
The geometrical characteristics of a Barr (BBS), Dray and Lawrence (DLBS), and Kim (KBS) barrier screws are gathered in Table 4 (see Figs.
Geometrical characteristics of Barr (BBS), Dray and Lawrence (DLBS), and Kim (KBS) barrier screws.
The lakes and DLBs of the WACP of Alaska are not uniformly distributed across the tundra landscape.
Until recently, our research on the lake processes of the WACP has relied on remote sensing technology, GIS analysis, extensive field sampling programs, and radiocarbon dating of organic sediments in DLBs (Hinkel et al., 2003, 2005, 2007; Bockheim et al., 2004; Eisner et al., 2005, 2008; Frohn et al., 2005).
Further, they pointed out several DLBs. However, the fact that we could not find corroborative evidence from either satellite or aerial photos that these were the result of recent drainage suggests that geographic knowledge is spatially restricted, and that verification of verbal accounts is a necessary precaution.
In a different scenario, one of the identified DLBs is named "Imagruak," ('big or huge water'), but another lake (this one near Atqasuk) also has the same name.