DLCADépartement de Langue et Culture Amazighes (French: Department of Language and Culture Amazigh)
DLCADiffusion-Limited Cluster Aggregation
DLCADepartment of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (US Virgin Islands)
DLCADe Legibus et Consuetudinis Artesiae (French gaming)
DLCADesignated Line Check Airman (aviation)
DLCADober, Lidsky, Craig and Associates, Inc. (Boston, MA)
DLCADavis Lake Community Association (Charlotte, NC)
DLCADiscrete Link Capacity Assignment
DLCADistal Latero-Circumflex Arteries
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The growth model or ideal aggregate formation of particles network based on Brownian motion is divided into two limiting regimes: diffusion-limited (DLCA) and reactionlimited cluster-cluster aggregation (RLCA) (Figure 4) [8].
Caption: Figure 4: DLCA (a); dan RLCA (b) (adapted from Weitz et al.
(1999) Heat-induced WPI pH 25 mM NaCl = 2.2 100 7.0 + 25-1000 mM mM NaCl = 1.5 NaCl (incorrectly predicted) 500 mM NaCl = 1.8 50, 80, 500, and 1000 mM NaCl = DLCA Alting et al.
The design of DLCA, including its network architecture, data structure, and fundamental algorithms are presented in Section 4, the simulation results are presented in Section 5, and Section 6 contains our conclusions.
Therefore, DLCA utilizes the anchor-based localization.
DLCA is more interested in accurate localization and thus DLCA adopts range-based schemes.
Within the DLCA regime, systems A and C show maxima for minimum values of Ra and vice-versa.
However, for the DLCA regime the absolute values of [k.sub.11] decrease in the order: C [much greater than] D [approximately equal to]B [greater than or equal to] A, while for the RLCA regime they vary as B>A>D>C.
Si el exceso superficial del surfactante es aproximadamente constante, como ocurre a muy bajas o muy altas concentraciones de surfactante, se observan (Urbina-Villalba et al., 2006) regimenes de agregacion similares al que muestran las particulas solidas suspendidas en un liquido: DLCA (agregacion de floculos controlada por difusion) y RLCA (agregacion de floculos controlada por reaccion).
Bill Harris (Hinckley CRC) showed that he is returning to form with sixth place in the Central DLCA 10-mile time trial on the rolling Six Hills course in Leicestershire.
Hicnkley's Derek Freeman (24-11) recorded his first top ten finish in an open event when he completed the leaderboard in the Central DLCA '10' at Seagrave behind winner Andy Eagers (Derby Mercury RC), 22-20.
Mike Deamon (Hinckley CRC) took ninth place in the Central DLCA '10' at Barrow-on-Soar, clocking 24-16 to the 21-58 of winner Craig Twigg (Team Lutterworth).