DLCDDepartment of Land Conservation and Development (Oregon)
DLCDDigital Lcd
DLCDDirectorate of Land Concepts and Designs (Canada)
DLCDDivision of Laboratories and Criteria Development
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HB 2003 would provide additional funding for the state agencies where these additional obligations are imposed, and authorize the DLCD to provide funding to local governments to implement their needed housing strategy for those 10 priority cities, but it would not reimburse local governments for the costs of determining the housing need or the housing strategy based on those findings, although the Legislature in 2018 provided $1.73 million to the DLCD (HB 4006) to provide local governments for the purpose of housing planning.
The city challenges each group's objections, stating in documents to DLCD that staff "followed an inventory and analysis of its existing employment land base (that) was rigorous and left no stone unturned."
It contains a background discussion on strategic cyberspace and situational awareness while examining the active DLCD concept.
(156) DLCD already exempts regulations protecting water quality under statewide planning Goal 6 in its final staff reports for state Measure 37 claims.
The repeated defeats testify not only to the steadfast support of DLCD, but also to the undying enmity of land use opponents.
To justify the already-spent grants, the DLCD ramrodded the Nestucca site to accommodate former OSU undergraduates who want a wave energy site with a nice "flat bottom," as they stated on the record.
position of DLCD (after consulting the Department of Justice) is that
As a result of these findings, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 3661 which distinguished between high value, nonfarm, and other land within the EFU zones.(49) On high-value farmlands, DLCD had authority to change the farm dwelling rules to require applicants to show the actual ability to produce $80,000 in income.
Nabeta said Eugene may miss Thursday's deadline, but planners "had put together a fairly solid work plan" that DLCD commissioners "thought was fairly doable" by the fall.
DLCD Director Lane Shetterly on Tuesday could not be reached for comment.
Farrington also alleged that Mark Radabaugh, the DLCD land use analyst who wrote the critical report, misinterpreted facts and land use policies.