DLDCDownlink Dual Carrier
DLDCDrury Lane Dental Care (UK)
DLDCDonegal Local Development Company (Ireland)
DLDCDigital Leader Development Center
DLDCDouble Line Double Circle (type of postmark)
DLDCDiffuse Lung Disease Committee (Japan; Ministry of Health and Welfare)
DLDCDual/Double Lumen Dialysis Catheter
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This study was approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee of DLDC (protocol number #011/07).
And the proposed clustering algorithm is simulated against other five existing clustering algorithms, namely, SCBC, DDVC, DLDC, MPBC, and MOBIC (Mobility-Based Clustering).
From Figure 7, it can be seen that the number of clusters formed using HCA surpasses the number of clusters formed using the SCBC, DDVC, DLDC, MPBC, and MOBIC schemes.
To assess the performance of the proposed SCBCS scheme, we make simulations and conduct a comparative analysis of MOBIC [6], DLDC [16], MPBC [18], SECA [15], MWC [8] and SCBCS.
4, the SCBCS scheme provides a longer average link connection lifetime than MOBIC, DLDC, MPBC, SECA and MWC when communication range R = 20 km.
MRDC and DLDC libraries have the largest number of PCs.
All the institutions have set up a LAN except BRSDC and DLDC. Only MMDC and PDMDC have established a LAN at campus level.
Marvell PXA1202 modem uses an advanced 40 nanometer (nm) process to deliver DLDC and TD- HSPA+ technology that supports 64 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), TS0 enhancement technologies, along with receiver diversity.