DLDCDownlink Dual Carrier
DLDCDrury Lane Dental Care (UK)
DLDCDonegal Local Development Company (Ireland)
DLDCDigital Leader Development Center
DLDCDouble Line Double Circle (type of postmark)
DLDCDiffuse Lung Disease Committee (Japan; Ministry of Health and Welfare)
DLDCDual/Double Lumen Dialysis Catheter
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From Figure 7, it can be seen that the number of clusters formed using HCA surpasses the number of clusters formed using the SCBC, DDVC, DLDC, MPBC, and MOBIC schemes.
Similarly, the average DLDC connection lifetime experiences a relatively sharp decline when [v.
The SCBCS scheme shows better average cluster head lifetime performance than MOBIC, DLDC, MPBC, SECA and MWC.
The average number of members per cluster of DLDC and SCBCS is lower than MOBIC's and MPBC's.
MRDC and DLDC libraries have the largest number of PCs.
All the institutions have set up a LAN except BRSDC and DLDC.