DLDEDigital Library and Digital Education
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The 95% confidence intervals for parameters ([[theta].sub.1], [[theta].sub.2], [[theta].sub.3], [[tau].sub.1], [[tau].sub.2], a, [[sigma].sup.2]) in DLDE with two delays are shown in Table 9.
A User Reputation Model for DLDE Learning 2.0 Community, ICADL 2008, LNCS 5362, pp.
Tenders are invited for Reconditioning Of Worn-Out Pts & Xings At Station Longcholiet(Lct), Nailalung (Nln), Diphu(Dpu),Daldali(Dlde),Dhamsiri(Dsr),Rangapahar(Rxr), Dimapur(Dmv),Khotkoti(Khkt),Bokajan(Bxj),Chongajan(Cja),Naojan(Njn), Sarupathar(Szr),Barpathar(Bxp),Bhilgaon(Bhgn) & Jamguri(Jmi) In Lumding-Furkating (Bg) Section Under Jurisdiction Of Aden/Dmv.