DLESDéveloppement Local et Économie Solidaire (French: Local Development and Solidarity Economy)
DLESDepartment of Labor and Employment Security (Florida)
DLESDavid Lipscomb Elementary School (Nashville, TN)
DLESDivision of Law Enforcement Services (Department of Justice; Wisconsin)
DLESDefence, Law Enforcement and Security
DLESDirector Land Engineering Support
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His feet squelched in the pud- dles left by his industry.
In his arms he held a bun- dle of weeds and grasses.
She had five big wigwams aboard, wide apart, and an open camp fire in the mid- dle, and a tall flag-pole at each end.
Sir Ozana's sad- dle was hung about with leather hat boxes, and every time he overcame a wandering knight he swore him into my service and fitted him with a plug and made him wear it.
A white cotton sunshade with a cane han dle reposed between his legs, his side whiskers were neatly brushed, his chin had been freshly shaved; and he only distantly resembled the dishevelled and terrified man in a snuffy night shirt and ignoble old trousers I had seen in the morning hanging on to the wheel of the Diana.
"During these times, ice from the polar caps is redistributed into the mid-latitudes of Mars as a layer about 50 meters thick, in the same place that we see that the DLEs have formed.
That landslide, enabled by steep slopes and a slick ice layer, creates the DLEs' telltale two-layered appearance.
The authors' adapted the tool to specifically address content related to the perceptions of DLEs, their training, and interaction with clients.
Based on the experiences of the DLEs, the researchers identified four main themes that were common to all or most of the participants.
Therefore, in Turku University Central Hospital, an option to disregard reminders of such DLEs was included in the system.
Until now, it has been very difficult to recognize DLEs in everyday practice without an automatic reminder system.
The upcoming section investigates the relationship between the DLE and Friedman's LE using a detailed model of the Desk's operating procedure.