DLETPDistributed Learning Education and Training Products (US DoD)
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It is a privilege to have been chosen by Karta as one of the DLETP partners designated to help support the US Army's education and training needs," said Joe Gustafson, CEO and founder, Brainshark.
Our participation in the DLETP program not only enables our existing customers to work with us more easily than ever, but will allow us to bring the benefits of simulation learning to additional commands and their soldiers throughout the US Army.
In addition to 3Dsolve, the Karta DLETP team includes a prestigious list of firms: Advancia, Alion Science & Technology, Allen Interactions, Brainshark, CACI, Carney, Coastal, CollabWorx, CompeteNet, Eagle Systems, EG&G, Envisage, FC Business Systems, IBM, Information Experts, LMR, MTS Technologies, NGRAIN, Orion, Pinneast, SIMmersion, Sparta, SRA, Stanley Associates, SumTotal, The Logistics Company, Thomson NETg, and Visual Purple.
And now the new DLETP contract offers the promise of more distance learning opportunities.
and Karta COO Ken Guest, "Karta has put together a great team for the DLETP program and winning this contract gives us a great opportunity to support our Nation and its great soldiers.
The DLETP contract makes the SumTotal Enterprise Suite -- including TotalLMS, TotalLCMS, TotalVCS (virtual classroom) and other modules -- as well as the ToolBook simulation and content authoring solution, available to the Army to drive a wide variety of solutions designed to get the right training to the right troops at the right time, regardless of their geographic locations.