DLFSDirect Line Financial Services
DLFSData Links File System
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It can be seen that the DA of DLFS is much higher when the sensor fault probability is less than 30% as shown in Figure 2(a), and the DA of LEFD proposed in this paper is similar to that of BAFD; the DA of DLFS is rapidly reduced compared with that of LEFD and BAFD when the sensor fault probability is higher than 30%.
Since the range of random faults is from 1 to 100, DLFS and BAFD are effective for this fault but are less efficient than LEFD.
However, both DLFS and BAFD do not consider transient faults, so the FPR will continue to increase as the sensor fault probability increases.
The DA of DLFS and LEFD is almost the same as shown in Figure 5(a).
The standard tone was G4, F0 = 392 Hz, and was chosen from a behavioral task in a previous study because this tone elicited the best overall difference limen for frequency (DLF) across groups [10].