DLGNDorsal Lateral Geniculate Nucleus (cell)
DLGNDecentralization and Local Governance Network (Switzerland)
DLGNGuided Missile Frigate, Nuclear Propulsion (US Navy)
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[12], who found that conditional deletion of PTEN in RGCs followed by intraocular injection of zymosan and cyclic AMP promoted full-length regeneration of optic nerve axons within 2 weeks, reaching SCN, dLGN, and SC, 12 weeks after lesion.
Abbreviations SPLOM: Scatter plot matrix scRNA-seq: Single-cell RNA sequencing PCA: Principal component analysis MDS: Multidimensional scaling FVFC: Functional virtual flow cytometry GCNA: Gene coexpression network analysis dLGN: Dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus ABA: Allen Brian Atlas GEO: Gene Expression Omnibus.
Two of the main lemnothalamic pathways are shown from the dorsal column nuclei to the nucleus dorsalis intermedius ventralis anterior (DIVA) and from retinal ganglion cells directly to the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (DLGN), a nucleus previously referred to in birds as the nucleus opticus principalis thalami, or OPT.
For example, the early cortical ablation of all visual cortical areas in the monkey leads to a largely reduced dLGN that is still layered and metabolically active [42, 43].
July 31, 1964, roughly 55 years after the Navy's Great White Fleet sailed around the world, Operation Sea Orbit, also known as Task Force 1-an all-nuclear-propulsion task force consisting of USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Long Beach (CGN 9) and USS Bainbridge (DLGN 256)--set sail from Gibraltar to sail around the world without refueling.
[43] provided direct evidence, via confocal microscopy and electron microscopy, that microglia phagocytose synapses in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (dLGN) as well.